Whale of a Show Gratitude | Letter

What a satisfying feeling to witness so much talent and creative expressions during “Whale of a Show” (adult performers). It was such a joy to see an audience so pleased and connected to our community and sense of place.

Ken and Karen Speck had emceed “Whale of a Show” in its original form many years ago after the Orcas Center was first built. It was a pleasure to work with Orcatrazz and the Specks and see youngsters and seasoned veterans of musicianship playing side by side.

I am very thankful for each performer and our kind-hearted high school stagehands, Clara and Thian, who kept the show on pace. What a pleasure to work with Dimitri, Bethanyand Jake at the Orcas Center to create such a successful show!

It was a practice in flexibility and acceptance of not knowing what would happen during the week of snow, the postponement, changes in the line-up, and ultimately making a dream come true as we brought back an old-time community Orcas Center tradition. I will always treasure the memory of this special evening.

Didier Gincig

Orcas Island