Vote yes on the next school bond

I applaud those of you who voted yes on the recent school bond. I applaud all those worked so hard to pass this reasonably priced, thoughtfully conceived, and comprehensively planned school bond.

To those of you who voted no, you have a chance to redeem yourself by voting yes on the next school bond. I do not believe that you wish to condemn the current generation of students to physically sub-standard facilities. I would ask you to reconsider the merits of this matter because of its critical importance. I believe you owe it to the community to do so.

We all know that in the final analysis, the only thing we can provide for the next generation is “education.” Our entire country and way of life is predicated on an “educated citizenry.” Without education, we are doomed. With education, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Education begins at home and home is Orcas Island. We need to make sure that our kids attend a physically safe and properly designed public school. We have an affirmative duty to make this possible. By voting yes on the next school bond, we can make this a reality. Given that our current facilities are inadequate and in disrepair, we can’t wait.

I would encourage the school board to begin immediately a campaign to vote yes on the next school bond. I would suggest that the board circulate a petition to obtain 2000 signatures from qualified voters by December 31, 2010 promising to vote yes on the next school bond. Then, the new bond should be placed on the ballot at the earliest opportunity.

As a former member of the school board, it is my profound hope that we can all move forward collectively and with a renewed and powerful sense of community to meet this issue head-on and thus provide our kids with the kind of public school facilities they need and deserve.

Charlie Glasser