Vote ‘yes’ on school bond | Letter

I am writing this letter in support of the upcoming school bond. As a middle school volleyball coach for the last 15 years, I am thrilled that updating the treasured ‘Old Gym’ is on the bond (no more ball gobbling bleachers! More floor space, Yay!). And the track. I am so excited about the track! We are one of just two K-12 districts in the state without a track.

A track is a tool that can be used for our physical education classes, our Parks and Rec program, teacher stress, senior citizen exercise and youth conditioning, to name a few. Exercise keeps the mind sharp and can give an energy boost. Imagine lacing up your shoes and running a lap or two instead of grabbing a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Of all the reasons to support the track, the one most compelling for me is the story of my sister. She ran for sports (volleyball), tried tennis and then her sophomore year gave track a try. Well, she was a champion. She was state champion in the mile, to be exact. Who knew? NO one in our large family had previously run competitively. But she had the speed, and if she had attended Orcas High School she would have graduated with that talent unrealized. Let’s not let another youth on our island leave that way.

In the words of the legend Bruce Springsteen, ‘Baby we were born to run.’

Kathy Morris

Orcas Island