Vote yes on bond and levy | Letters

We, the Orcas Island PTSA wholeheartedly support the Orcas Island School District 2017 Bond and 2017 Levy. Because we believe our children matter, a firm vote of “Yes” is the only option.

If you have fond memories of PTSA Friday Night Roller Skating, then you’ll appreciate how the bond funds critical upgrades to the Old Gym’s earthquake and fire suppression system. Bond funding further corrects issues with our schools’ road and high school parking lot, reducing the likelihood of injury as our skaters and school sports players walk to their cars in the dark.

Additionally, bond funding fixes many things we adults take for granted; things that should be considered inalienable rights!

As many already know, our high school HVAC system has outlived its predicted lifespan, forcing our high school students to sit through lessons under our winter island chill. We owe it to them to provide a warm, comfortable learning environment where they thrive. The bond not only provides for this system; it further provides for important improvements to that building’s fire suppression and drinking water system, ensuring clean water and safe students.

Voting yes for the levy allows our school to rectify issues created due to poor installation caused by a lack of funding when the fields were first created. It only makes sense, because the school is already performing this work, to accept the gift of a fully funded track and support students who prefer individual instead of team sports, and in doing so, properly install multi-purpose fields our community and competitors feel safe playing upon.

So please, if the health, safety and happiness of the children in our community matters to you, we ask that you join us in a confident vote of YES for the November 2017 bond and November 2017 levy.

Diane Boerstler, Bari Willard

Liz Longworth

Brianna Rose, Kristi Bilgren