Vote ‘yes’ on bond and levy | Letters

I am writing to urge the community to approve the upcoming school bond and levy. Both make essential improvements to school areas in poor condition.

We have an award-winning 5th to 12th-grade strings and K-4 music program stuffed into a too-small classroom. The space, acoustics and storage are simply not adequate. More than 200 students go through this classroom multiple times a week. I’ve stood at the door of the room unable to enter because some classes are too big for the space. Our youngest students don’t have room to dance and move with music. With chairs and stands set up, our strings students are packed so tightly no one can move around the room, including the teacher! So it’s difficult to get personal help with instruments. In large string classes, students don’t even have room to move bows across their instruments. The bond fixes that by creating a new multi-purpose music room.

Our beloved Old Gym? Unfortunately, it gets shabbier and less safe with each passing year. The bond fixes that – with earthquake retrofitting, fire suppression upgrades and complete restoration.

The jarring potholes as you enter the parking lot? The bond fixes that – not with a band-aid – but with a fully rebuilt parking lot.

The high school classrooms – so chilly in winter that my daughter wears her parka all day in class? The bond fixes that by replacing our antiquated HVAC.

The restrooms, toilets and sinks in disrepair? The bond fixes that, and more, with plumbing, sewer and fire sprinkler upgrades.

Our inadequate and rapidly degrading athletic fields? The levy fixes that with rehabilitated, safe, multi-purpose sports fields our entire community can enjoy. (The track and its maintenance are already covered by a generous donation. This levy restores fields and ensures they are safe for use.)

None of these are frills, but necessary fixes to create a safe and adequate space for learning. Our students and teachers work their hearts out. I think they deserve our support.

Please vote “approved” on Proposition 1 (the bond) and “yes” on Proposition 2 (the levy).

Kristen Wilson