Vote yes for hospital district | Letters

I’ve been playing the medical yo-yo game on Orcas Island for many decades — through raising my kids, working at the school for many years (and loving it) and now enjoying life as a retired person. Enough! Please.

Through all those years, I don’t even recall the number of primary physicians I’ve taken the time to get to know, discussing my hidden secrets and obvious ailments. There have been too many.

I admit, now that I am a senior citizen, I yearn for stability more than ever. I yearn for a doctor on the island who can commit to living here and to whom we can commit to supporting affordably.

The opportunity we now have with the University of Washington is golden, from my point of view. Is it perfect? Probably not. But, what in life is perfect? However, I believe that a Public Hospital District that we all support will give much-needed financial stability to medical practices and, thus, the patients. That’s us!

Coleen O’Brien

Orcas Island