Vote Ron Krebs | Letters

I am writing this letter to support Ron Krebs for re-election. I decided to write in when I heard Jeff Asher state that the Sheriff’s Guild was supporting Ron because it is standard for the guild to support the incumbent because they expect some sort of pay-back.

As one of the guild members who supported Krebs, I can unequivocally say that Jeff’s claim is completely false. I did not support Ron last election and the guild did. I supported the last sheriff because I felt he had a better resume and that he deserved another term. I must admit that Ron won me over. He has done a great job while in office. He very competent and dedicated. He is a true servant.

Folks have asked why I am supporting Ron and not Jeff. My response is that it is the same reason as the guild: We know them both professionally. Not from the past but right now.

I also want to respond to the comments regarding the statements that Ron does not care about the members of this organization or their families. I understand their hurt feelings and believe their spouses and their families deserve our respect and gratitude for their many years of sacrifice. Trust me, the guild would be standing up for these former members and their families if we believed their comments were indeed valid. They are not. The fact is, Ron does care. He does listen and will respond appropriately given the information he has and the available resources. Give him a try, call him.

The San Juan Islands are unique, and they require a uniquely competent leader. I have found Ron to be that leader. I am hopeful he will remain the sheriff long after I retire. I do not expect any special treatment and can only hope he and his staff treat me with the same dignity, respect and fairness that they treat all members of this community currently. Thanks, Ron, for being a great servant and a great boss.

Scott Taylor

Lopez Island