Vote Randy Gaylord | Letters

What this newspaper needs is yet another letter in support of Randy Gaylord for prosecuting attorney. Just throw it onto the pile with all the others. Perhaps we should ask, “Why is there a such pile?” Experience. Integrity. Honesty. Effectiveness. The list goes on and on. I propose to the voters of SJC that we cannot afford to not vote for Randy. We are extremely fortunate that this man is willing to continue performing his excellent public service on our behalf, day in and day out. His presence brings invaluable, irreplaceable experience and competency to the job that would otherwise be squandered were he not to be re-elected. To summarily dismiss this untiring public resource would itself be a crime.

Gaylord the prosecutor has performed admirably for the past 24 years, guiding our county through the many challenges and crisis, large and small that we have faced on the public policy front, while vigorously pursuing those who commit crimes against us. Gaylord the coroner is called out day and night into situations most of us would never dream of having to deal with. Is it not lost on anyone else that having our prosecutor early on a crime scene provides invaluable personal insight and context when the time comes to hold those responsible accountable?

We have this extraordinary man, this neighbor of many years serving us with dedication, commitment, and passion. Why on earth would we want to do anything other than re-elect Randy Gaylord for prosecuting attorney?

Who gives such a ringing endorsement, I surely must be family or at least close friend? Quite the opposite, I am a former one-time adversary. A thousand years ago (so it seems) I attempted to preserve our right of celebration with personal fireworks. We all know how that turned out. As the saying goes we won a few battles but ultimately lost the war. During this time I had regular interaction with Mr. Gaylord and his office. Despite this legal clash, he/they were at all times courteous, friendly, dare I even say helpful? (Don’t tell him I said that.) To me that is illustrative, the true measure of both the empathy and professionalism that Randy Gaylord brings to the office of prosecutor, each and every day.

Don Burkhart