Vote no on the fireworks ban

The bigger fireworks you buy at the reservation aren’t legal – haven’t been in quite some time, and are not the subject of Referendum 2008-2. Referendum 2008-2 is about the subsequent banning of safe and sane fireworks. You see, in 2008, an ordinance was passed banning all fireworks in San Juan County (without a permit). Yes, all fireworks in San Juan County – including sparklers, pinwheels and those crazy smoke balls and snakes. Remember the thrill you got as a kid when you got to hold your first sparkler? I do. And I remember the anticipation and excitement of all the kids and the cousins each year waiting for nighttime to arrive on the fourth of July when the parents would finally say –“okay now its time” and “now you can get the box.” “Let it begin!”

Sure, its chaotic and crazy and the dogs go a little nuts. But this is America. This is our one day a year when we can celebrate Independence Day with safe and sane fireworks. Of course it goes unsaid, we need to be careful, and we are. We teach the kids the rules of how to play safe. I believe in independence, freedom and safe and sane fireworks. Don’t let the county protect us from ourselves. Please join me to REJECT the ordinance banning safe and sane fireworks on the one day a year it is legal – the fourth of July.

Stephanie Johnson O’Day

San Juan Island