Vote Jeff Asher | Letters

This election has brought out the worst in some very vocal people and it’s gone on long enough to make it clear that the current campaigns are being used by an unscrupulous few to get even with “their enemies.” Alternatively, others are panicked by the prospect of change and have taken to making statements by those who disagree with them into an indictment of moral failing.

As an island community, we want a Sheriff who will do the best job. We are voting for the future, I surely hope we are not voting based on negative internet comments. We all have to live together after this election, and it’s time to remember that.

My question is: Does Sheriff Ron Krebs really want the job? He missed the deadline to submit his statement to the Voter’s Pamphlet, showed up to the debates in faded jeans and a polo shirt when every other political candidate wore business attire, and acknowledged written messages where he degrades his staff have surfaced that he attributes to his being “human” and “venting,” but for which he offers no public apology.

I support Jeff Asher because he has done more to fight crime in our community than any sheriff’s personnel I have dealt with in the last three years. I have yet to meet anybody who does not respect Jeff Asher. He condemns personal attacks on his opponent. Jeff Asher has run a positive campaign with integrity and a plan for the future.

Vote your conscience.

Glenn Storey

Friday Harbor