Vote for Tom Pasma

Haven’t sent in your ballot yet? Good! Vote for Tom Pasma for State Representative! We haven’t heard much about this race here, possibly because none of the candidates comes from San Juan County, but Tom Pasma has strong ties to our islands.

For many years Tom has volunteered his services as 4H auctioneer. He’ll be at the San Juan County Fair next Saturday working hard – for free – to help 4H kids gets top dollar for their lambs, pigs, steers, rabbits, poultry and eggs. The auction supports the kids and the 4H program. Tom is an expert at using his charisma and energy to get the crowd involved in the kids’ stories, and in supporting their work in local agriculture. If he can get people to bid over $600 for a dozen duck eggs, imagine what he could do for us in Olympia!

Tom believes deeply in helping kids work with animals, understand where their food comes from, and learn about farming and ranching as a way of life. Over the six years I have seen him in action, I have been continually impressed with his commitment, his intelligence and his professionalism. Tom really cares about sustainable agriculture and about the kids in his district.

Vote for Tom Pasma!

Thank you.

Moana Kutsche