Vote for Shepler | Letter to the Editor

Support Orcas Island and the OIFR and vote for Patrick Shepler for Fire Commissioner. As a former volunteer at OIFR, I will always appreciate the knowledge, experience, and caring for people Patrick brought to the community and the department. There is no question about his commitment to Orcas Island and the community.

I find it interesting to review the list of individuals that in 2015 were supporters of the current commissioner and are now supporting Patrick Shepler as the choice to fill the Commissioners position. Extensive resumes with lots of titles and positions don’t always get the job done.

Patrick has proven himself to the community. There are many people on the island that have benefitted from Patrick’s expertise and care and whose lives were in his hands, during his time at OIFR. It’s time for change on the Board of Commissioners and for the community to support Patrick in his efforts to continue to support Orcas and to bring the necessary change to the island. Vote for Patrick Shepler.

R Bryon Frenyea