Vote for Rob Nou

San Juan County has an outstanding Sheriff in Bill Cumming. For the past 24 years he commanded a dedicated group of deputies, and we San Juan Islanders applaud his leadership and dedication to our safety. Bill’s legacy demands we replace him with a leader who will build on his outstanding work. I believe Rob Nou is the candidate to carry on and continue to implement solid law enforcement for our public safety.

As the Fire Chief on Lopez Island, I usually refrain from endorsing candidates. However, endorsing Rob Nou is an easy decision for me. Candidate Nou on his Web Site,, says:

“As your Sheriff, it is my goal to work collaboratively with each of our island communities to solve problems and preserve the ‘islands way of life.’ It is my intention to work in partnership with our schools to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. I believe that public safety agencies should work seamlessly together to maximize effective use of assets and resources in working towards common goals.”

I support Rob Nou because he backs up these words with action. Rob is a deputy assigned to Lopez Island. In addition to this dedication to our safety, Rob is a valuable member of Lopez Island Fire and EMS, volunteering as both a firefighter and emergency medical technician. Rob spent 34 weeks in firefighting and EMT classes and responds as a volunteer to emergency calls on Lopez Island.

Rob led public education projects at Lopez School, teaching our youth at an assembly he organized about the importance of alcohol avoidance and the perils of drinking and driving. He is involved in safety fairs for younger children, teaching bicycle safety and the need to wear a helmet when biking or skateboarding. I have been a part of these projects and Rob impressed me with his dedication, leadership and commitment to our safety.

Please join me and vote for Rob Nou for San Juan County Sheriff. I respect this man and his dedication to our way of life here in the islands.

Jim Ghiglione

Lopez Island