Vote for REET | Letters

The Land Bank is one the best things about this county and indeed was one of the things that drew us here over 11 years ago. It was and is an indicator of some of the values we deem critical for a healthy community. Now a huge bonus is that it is an avenue to address a critical need. That is the ability to piggyback on the same legislation to set up a mechanism for helping to solve the undeniable issue of housing, most importantly low- and medium-income housing in our county. This is a critical issue for the entire community.

Lack of housing is a very well-known challenge, no matter what your situation. We have seen teachers, health care workers, service industry people and all kinds of other diverse professional members of our community be scared off or profoundly discouraged by the problem of finding housing, let alone affordable housing.

I don’t know about anybody else but I have a strong desire to having a healthy mix of cultural, social and income demographics with which to live and thrive. So much more enriching and emotionally fulfilling. We cannot be whole without this spectrum of folks.

I urge all voters of San Juan County to support this opportunity to attract families who will enrich our communities.

Lynette Roberts

San Juan Island