Vote for Krebs | Letters

I am endorsing Ron Krebs in his re-election bid for sheriff of San Juan County. As a full-time resident of San Juan County, I’ve been able to meet almost all the sheriff’s office personnel. These encounters have always left a professional and positive image on me.

Since my very first encounter with Ron, I found him to be one with a high moral character, and one who holds the entire department to such standards as well. He is a logical thinker and leader. In his time as our sheriff, he has been working diligently to update department policy and he has added more equipment for departmental personnel to advance them in their duties. He is currently assisting our local court system to help with a dedicated drug court. He realizes and understands he has a lot more work to do in the future. Ron will continue to lead the sheriff’s office instead of leading it backward. As a current 23-year law enforcement supervisor and knowing Ron’s character and leadership management/style, I would be proud to have Ron Krebs as my superior. My wife and I are proud to call Orcas home and both are proud to endorse Sheriff Ron Krebs this coming election.

Patrick Timmins

Orcas Island