Vote for Krebs | Letters

I have lived on beautiful Orcas Island for 48 years and been in business for 29 years. I have worked with the San Juan Sheriff’s Department in my capacity as a Washington state registered tow-truck operator for 20 years. I work with the sheriff’s office on a regular basis regarding drunk drivers, suspended drivers, drug evidence seizures, accidents and post-accident fatality or injury vehicle inspections, etc. Over the last four years, I have worked with our current Sheriff Ron Krebs, I have found Ron to be professional and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have put in front of him. From my experience, Ron has been reasonable, fair and caring about our county’s citizens when he is making decisions on their behalf. If it is someone that is struggling but trying to make things right then there’s room for leniency. If it is someone who is a repeat offender with no effort to correct themselves, then I have witnessed Ron being firm.

I also believe it speaks highly of Ron that the Sheriff’s Guild, which is made up of sergeants, deputies, detectives, correction officers and dispatchers who work closely with both candidates, voted by majority for Ron Krebs. (Twenty-two members endorsed current sheriff, Krebs, one member endorsed Asher as per San Juan County Sheriff’s Guild press release on Oct. 4).

We are in tough times in this country with drugs, public disrespect for authority, lack of moral values and laws that are written to slap the hand of criminals but put the full financial burden of their criminal actions on the good citizens of Washington state. I would not want to be in Sheriff Krebs’ shoes, but someone has to. I respect Ron for trying to push forward bettering our community while keeping a good positive daily march as a leader and running a morally positive campaign. I support Ron Krebs for re-election as San Juan County Sheriff.

Uzek Susol

Orcas Island