Vote for Jewett | Letters

I strongly endorse Carolyn Jewett for Judge in District Court, a court that deals primarily with misdemeanors. Not only does she have the necessary experience, intellect, and judgment, but she has the ever-so-important temperament to carry out the duties of a judge.

Ms. Jewett was hired in 2015 as District Court prosecuting attorney for the county Prosecutor’s Office and has handled all District Court criminal matters for the county since that time. Because she is the sole prosecutor in District Court, she sees each case through from start to finish, making charging decisions, working with Victim Advocates to interview victims and witnesses, and making plea offers and recommendations for sentencing and for probation violations. She knows District Court inside and out and appreciates the role this court can play in protecting and improving our community.

Carolyn grew up in a working-class family in Bremerton, WA. This background has allowed her to know the impact that even a small fine can have on a defendant and his or her family. Although her primary experience has been as a prosecutor, during law school she also volunteered for an advocacy project for immigrant families and for a street law clinic.

Ms. Jewett has a degree of maturity well beyond her years. She is self-assured, and yet deliberate; she listens carefully before determining how to act and what to conclude.

On the other hand, her opponent has demonstrated a noteworthy lack of good judgment. I have had a first-hand experience with him in his professional capacity. He was belligerent and aggressive, making threats that were both unnecessary and unhelpful. Although (to his credit) he recently apologized profusely for his behavior, other attorneys with whom I spoke were not surprised to learn of my experience with his intemperate conduct. He may be an excellent attorney, but he lacks the temperament to be District Court Judge.

Beyond a doubt, Ms. Jewett is by far the better-qualified person running for District Court Judge, and I encourage you to vote for her.

Eleanor Hoague