Vote for Jamie Stephens

I like Bob Myhr. I have voted for him twice, first as a county commissioner, then when he ran for the county council. I’ve had many dealings with him, first during the four years I served as chair of the county’s Ferry Advisory Committee and for several years since as I’ve continued to try to help stem the steady slide in our ferry service despite fares that have nearly doubled during Bob’s tenure.

Even though ferry service is critical to our economy and quality of life, Bob and the rest of the council have remained passive observers while elected officials in other ferry-served communities have stood up and gotten results. It is similar to his and the council’s failure to address the long-simmering solid-waste issues and the county’s overall funding challenges, to mention just two.

One of the rare times the council has stepped up and taken action was to feather its own nest by deciding to collect pension benefits as if they are full-time county employees, even though it is clear that the new county charter, in doubling the number of representatives, saw the positions as part-time. Bob has defended that by saying it won’t cost the county anything, but even if that is true (which is doubtful), is it really the point?

Those of us in Council District 6 are fortunate to have a very good alternative to Bob in Jamie Stephens. Jamie’s record of community service, of listening and then getting things done and of having the values we look for in good neighbors make him an excellent choice for the council. I encourage others frustrated by the lack of leadership in the county to join in voting for Jamie. It is time for a change.

Alex MacLeod

Shaw Island