Vote for Gaylord | Letters

For county prosecutor, by far the best choice is Randy Gaylord. He has been one of the best-elected officials this county has had. He is a knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and highly ethical prosecutor who knows and is in touch with the community he serves.

Randy’s many accomplishments include writing the first ordinance that protects killer whales. This became a model for subsequent state and federal regulations.

Randy wrote the ordinance prohibiting jet skis in San Juan County. Randy receives inquiries from other states or countries asking for support as they address similar issues with jet skis. When Lopez residents faced the closure and privatization of their garbage and recycling facility, Randy crafted a plan for a Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District. He then presented it to the County Council and wrote the enabling ordinance.

Randy’s opponent, Nick Power has made empty promises about being tough on drugs. The sheriff’s office, not the prosecutor’s office, investigates drug cases and then refers them to the prosecutor. Randy’s office files charges in every drug case that they are able to make a provable case on. Power says he would even file unprovable charges. A prosecutor who charges people without sufficient evidence abuses the power of his office and wastes valuable county time and resources.

Power’s criticism that Mr. Gaylord failed to prosecute Detective Parker is a bogus accusation. Mr. Gaylord had a neutral and independent Skagit County prosecutor determine whether charges should be filed. Randy made the right ethical decision in handling this difficult case.

Power claims to be a progressive and a Democrat. Those who believe that have been duped. Power’s words don’t match his actions. Power joined the unsuccessful efforts of local property rights and anti-environmental protection individuals and organizations. He challenged the Critical Areas Ordinance, opposed the charter reform.

Power also has represented numerous frivolous lawsuits filed against San Juan County including the recent one by the Orcas school teacher for $10 million that has already been ruled against! San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord, who has the experience that matters.

Dan Christopherson

Orcas Island