Vote for Gaylord | Letters

This letter is in support of the re-election of Randy Gaylord for county prosecutor. For years, he has been a clear-headed guardian of county law.

But even more, he has been a courageous defender of the quality of life here in the San Juan Islands. Just one example: I witnessed his persistence in banning jet skis in these waters. Together with environmental lawyers from throughout the country, he helped to protect not only the property rights of people affected by the noise pollution of personal watercraft, but also the property’s rights — the inhabitants of the waters themselves, the food for the orcas, the seals, and the tiny organisms that keep the waters and those that live in them healthy. The damage to these waters would have been huge without his help and that of the community that worked together to preserve them.

We owe Randy a debt of gratitude for countless other acts that have had a positive impact on our community. My vote goes to him this November.

Wendy E. Shepard

San Juan Island