Vote for Cindy Wolf | Letter

Having escaped the greedy over-development of “anywhere USA” to this paradise of Orcas Island, we feel protective of the unique charm and character that is our island home. Current conversations about expanding the airport, street-lights, speed-bump-like raised fancy brick crosswalks, chopping trees down in exchange for pavement and the 8000 sq ft “multi-use” Main Street development make us wonder whether the fox is already in the hen house.

We are concerned about where our current leadership is taking us, for what purpose, who benefits, and at whose expense.

We understand the inevitability of change and development and agree that every property owner has the right to maximize his investment. We also understand that the character of the outcome is dependent on our civic leaders. We support Cindy Wolf to represent us in protecting the character of the village of Eastsound and Orcas Island. Cindy is a critical thinker, understands boundaries, and listens. She owns no businesses nor vacation rentals, therefore Cindy would not need to recuse herself from voting on land use, density and development codes that could benefit her personal business enterprises. Cindy Wolf on our council will be an asset to the entire county.

The foxes will have to behave when the wolf is protecting the hen house.

John Pierre, Annette van Dongen