Vote for Charlie Wiggins

Once again, we urge our fellow islanders to vote for Charlie Wiggins as Justice of the State Supreme Court.

He is a highly respected lawyer who has served on the Court of Appeals and on the Disciplinary Board of the Washington Bar Association. He helped convince the legislature to set limits on campaign contributions in judicial races – thereby ensuring judicial independence. Charlie Wiggins is the embodiment of integrity, impartiality, and fairness.

Charlie’s opponent, Justice Sanders, is clearly driven by a personal agenda. In criminal cases where the justices are not unanimous in their decision, Justice Sanders votes against the prosecutors over 90 percent of the time – regardless of the issues involved in the case. He routinely votes against the bar association’s recommendations for disciplinary action against lawyers who have violated ethical rules and harmed their clients. And he, himself, has been the subject of an investigation regarding his own judicial ethics and been admonished for his actions.

We cannot afford Sanders’ brand of justice at our state’s highest court. This is a race where there is a clear choice between a candidate with extraordinary abilities and unquestioned integrity and an incumbent whose record calls into question his commitment to objectivity and judicial fairness. Please check to learn more about Charlie Wiggins.

Karen Vedder

Charlie Silverman

SJC Prosecutor’s office