Vote for Brent Johnson

We are writing to urge you to vote for Brent Johnson for Sheriff. As current and former Victim Advocates in the Prosecutor’s Office, we have personally witnessed three solid reasons to elect Brent. As an investigator, Brent has been:

1. Professional. Brent will NOT be a “good ol’ boy” Sheriff. He is well trained and does the job of San Juan County lead detective with a high level of competence, confidence, and integrity.

2. Thorough. Brent is aware that the tiniest detail can make or break a case, and he is willing to go the extra mile to do the most complete investigation possible.

3. Kind. Brent consistently conducts himself with respect, whether dealing with defendants, victims, witnesses, or other professionals. We have often requested Brent be assigned to conduct victim interviews because he is so consistently professional, thorough, and kind.

San Juan County needs a Sheriff with these qualities, and, in our experience, Brent is the person for the job.

Sandra Burt

Susan Kimball