Vote for Brandli | Letters

In 2011, I was facing a difficult divorce, and I was referred to Steve Brandli by another attorney in San Juan County because he was “the best attorney in the county.” Steve is an extremely compassionate and understanding man. He comforted me through a very insane divorce and difficult time in my life.

Throughout the process, Steve made sure that I stayed focused on the priorities at hand. My father died during that time, and we chose Steve as our estate attorney as well. Despite family discord, he made sure everything was done according to the law and consoled those that opposed the details of my father’s will. Also during that time, he oversaw a large real estate transaction for us. He excelled in all areas. His experience and ability to research is without comparison. Steve has been my attorney and friend for seven years. He will be a very fair, compassionate and knowledgeable judge. Please join me in voting for Steve Brandli as our next district court judge.

Tara Wilding

Shaw Island