Vote for Bob Myhr for county council

I am one of many San Juan County Democrats who endorse Bob Myhr for San Juan County Council.

I feel both candidates are good men who are committed to the Lopez community and both candidates would make good council members. However, for me, Bob Myhr is the better candidate by far. Bob has a long history of positive accomplishments as the current San Juan County Council member for Lopez. Bob worked for years as Executive Director of the San Juan Preservation trust and we have Bob to thank for many of our scenic byways. As an OPALCO board member for many years Bob has led OPALCO on conservation issues and energy saving initiatives and has worked to keep rates as low as possible even as energy costs rise.

As a council member, Bob has been the strongest voice out of six council members seeking to protect our environment. Bob has sought citizen input for the Critical Areas Ordinance and will work to bring the GMA into compliance.

Bob has worked hard to protect Lopez Hill, Odlin Park South, Point Colville, Chadwick Hill, and Turtleback Mountain.

Bob has fought to preserve the Lopez Transfer Station from being closed and voted against a fee on recycling.

Bob has an excellent fiscal background and in my view is the best man to lead in this economically depressed time. Bob ran his campaign the way he sees we should run our government, being conservative in expenditures and staying on budget.

Legalizing electric cars on Lopez roads is a result of Bob’s initiating this legislation in Olympia.

I could go on and on with the many things Bob has accomplished as our current County Council Member but I will leave it to you to look at his web site or to give him a call.

Our council member is one of six votes.  Bob has proven results in getting many things done and in steering the council in the right direction on environmental and financial issues.

As a San Juan County democrat for 21years, I endorse Bob Myhr for county council.

Liz Scranton

Lopez Island