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We will soon decide on a Public Hospital District (PHD) for Orcas Island. Please consider me as one of the initial commissioners to establish the district and set its direction for years to come. I am running because I believe that we need the PHD to ensure reliable medical care on the island. My family has been on Orcas for more than 60 years, but my recent retirement and return to Orcas allows me to bring a fresh and unencumbered perspective to providing the health care we all need.

I have experience well suited to the governance of the proposed district. I’ve spent over 40 years in project management and systems engineering. I have supported and managed small teams to construct solutions to challenging problems under strict time and cost constraints. I have delved deep into the devilish details of complex systems and their finances, and I have structured that research into coherent and understandable reports and recommendations. I have successfully negotiated with organizations small and large, commercial and government.

My platform is simple. First, provide quality, cost-effective medical care on Orcas Island by consolidating that care at the medical center to provide medical services for all with compassion and respect, as was originally intended. Second, ensure that our tax dollars are spent only for what is necessary to keep primary care on island and to provide for same-day or next-morning urgent care, seven days a week. This will require some tough choices and some tough negotiating to accomplish. But I believe we can do this for a tax levy rate of less than 50¢/$1,000. That is my goal.

If you want to learn more about me and my vision for the hospital district, please visit my website at or go to Madrona Voices at where you can find several of my previous statements and answers to questions. Better yet, please call 714-420-0679 or email me so we can get together and have a conversation. I am open to your questions and concerns as I will continue to be if elected. Thank you for your consideration.

Bill Bangs

Orcas Island