Victim of house fire thanks the community

I would like to thank all the wonderful people for their kindness, love and support who were there for me after losing my home, all of my belongings, and my dog in a fire on January 25. Thank you to Trish Gulley and Alyssa Ladd of Bellingham, Dan and Margie Carper, Bob and Nancy Maynard, Erik Beemer of Beemer Building, Steve Baker, Earl Sontra, Steve and Monika and the kids at the Madrona, Jim Passer and the girls at the Lower, Maria Buck and Victoria Shaner at Windermere, all the wonderful people at the American Legion, the Red Cross, the O’Briens from Boku Books, Casey and Jeff and the great people at the Exchange, Maggie Langley, Christopher Lohman and his sweet mom, the incredible dedication of the Orcas Fire Department, Mr. and Mrs. Foulks, Joanne Frances, Jim and Sylvia Biddick, the Lions Club, Laura Leicht, Adam Hayes, Tom and Donna Gosset, Christopher Peacock, Deena and Moose, and Kathy Walsh for being a great “mum.” If I have forgotten your name in this letter, I have not forgotten you in my heart.

Most of all I would like to thank Jill Blankenship, Liz Longowrth and Lori Gates for being the true Orcas Angels. The Orcas Angels were there in the immediate aftermath of the fire and continue to be there for me to this day. This is an amazing organization who will try to help anyone on Orcas Island who is in need. They truly give back to the community with their time and efforts. Kudos to you, Angels!

I am finally getting back on my feet; thank goodness for insurance! If you don’t have it, get it. Even if you are a renter, it is actually very affordable. For any money the Orcas Angels have raised for me, I am now able to pay it forward and am making a donation to them in that amount, and will continue to support them with donations of my time and money in the future. Thank you all again for being an incredibly loving community!

From my heart.

Kelly O’Brien

Orcas Island