Victim advocates endorse Gaylord | Letters

We are former victim advocates who worked closely with Randy Gaylord in the Victim Services Program, and we write to support his re-election. Randy Gaylord has proved his commitment to victims in the criminal justice system.

Randy applied for grant funding to create the Victim Services Program for San Juan County, which opened its doors in 1998. Since then, each of us has had the privilege of working with victims in a prosecutor’s office that commands an understanding of the complex and sensitive needs of crime victims; that brings respect and empowerment to victims; and that properly uses the criminal justice system to hold offenders accountable and protect the rights of those harmed by crime.

Those of us who were present know that his opponent misrepresented Randy’s leadership in uncovering the misconduct of a detective. From our perspective, Randy did the right thing in that difficult case, and time and again he has correctly balanced his ethical duties, responsibility to the victim and safety of the community. Having worked with Randy and the victims who come through his office, we support Randy as the prosecutor who will continue to competently uphold the law, diligently protect victims and honor their rights.

Sandra Burt and Susan Kimball


Christine Miller and Liz Pillow

Friday Harbor