UW Med should leave Orcas | Letters

The more I become informed about the proposed hospital taxing district, the more I am concerned.

First, in looking at the UW Medical Agreement with the Orcas Medical Foundation found on the website of the Orcas Medical Foundation as of March 9, we see where the “needed” amount of $550,000 comes from. The UW inexplicably lowered the amount of projected revenue from patients from the 2015 actual revenue of $996,379 to $585,955 while keeping the number of patients exactly the same as in 2015.

Second, in reading the lease agreement between the Orcas Medical Foundation and UW, we see that OMF agrees to pay all of the overhead costs, including building maintenance and even utilities. Yet UW projects “overhead” costs at $101,181.

Third, the only individual insurance provider that islanders can purchase, Kaiser Permanente, is allowed at the UW on a very “limited” basis. UW refers all patients needing specialist help only to UW specialists down sound, who are not covered by Kaiser insurance, instead of being referred to non-UW specialists in closer locations such as Friday Harbor, which does accept Kaiser Permanente.

So, UW will leave if we do not approve the Hospital Taxing District? From this little part of the boondoggle, it makes sense to say, “Great!”

Cindy Carter