United Way helps 4-H

My name is Jan Sanburg and I am writing on behalf of the San Juan County 4-H Leaders’ Council.

In 2009 our group received a grant from the local chapter of the United Way. This money was used to enhance our educational activities program for the 2009-2010 4-H year.

During the past several months youth and teens from our county have been able to experience 4-H outside of our local county thanks to the generous support of the United Way. We have been able to provide scholarships that sponsored: four members to the Washington State Teen Rally in 2009, seven members to the Whatcom County Youth Fair 2010, six members attended the 4-H Summer Teen Conference at WSU in 2010, and we are currently accepting applications for the 2010 Washington State Teen Rally.

These out-of-county events are extremely valuable connections between the youth in our county and 4-H members in other areas of the state. They foster a sense of belonging to a program that is greater and broader in scope than what the individuals are exposed to locally. Attending off-island learning events provides invaluable leadership experience, creates renewed excitement and a stronger commitment to individual goals.

 As the president of the San Juan County’s 4-H program I have personally witnessed the difference the funding from the United Way has made to elevate the level of quality in our local 4-H program and also the difference this can make in individual members lives through their 4-H experience.

I wish to extend my gratitude for the generous members of the community who support the United Way and help provide grants such as the one that was awarded to the San Juan County Leaders’ Council.

Jan Sanburg

President, San Juan County 4-H Leaders’ Council