Traffic concerns in Eastsound | Letters

Once again I was nearly hit head-on in Eastsound in the southbound lane of Prune Alley by someone coming over the center line, instead of waiting for oncoming traffic to clear.

Because of a vehicle that was parked in front of the liquor store right in front of three signs in a row that say “no parking any time, tow away zone.” This same scenario has occurred in front of Roses Cafe just past the spaces that are provided for parallel parking and on other streets in town too. We have needed more parking in Eastsound for years, and yet it seems every time a property is developed in town we lose more public parking. For instance, just north of the liquor store. I asked this question several years ago: “Are there any plans for additional parking in or around Eastsound? If not, why not?”

For those of you who go over the center line to avoid any kind of obstacle in your lane, when traffic is approaching from the opposite direction, be prepared to suffer dire consequences, for sooner or later the law of averages is bound to catch up to you. This notion of some locals who somehow think they are privileged and can park and drive without consideration for others or traffic laws needs to stop. So I would respectfully request the county to please paint the curbs yellow and put up permanent “no parking – tow away zone” signs where needed ASAP, and I would like to thank Herb Crowe and his deputies for addressing this issue here recently!

In closing I would like to say to those of you who go to Roses or the liquor store, don’t be afraid to walk a little farther. The exercise just might do you some good!

Mick Stevens

Orcas Island