Time to revamp county charter; vote for Myhr

Bob Myhr is in favor of modifying the county charter. One of the most important revisions he is proposing is for every council member to be voted on by all San Juan Islanders, as was done under the previous county commissioner form of government. We can then feel that the entire council really represents us all. Our county is too small for the council members to be only concerned with just their own district.

Bob also knows that the change to county charter form of government has vastly increased our costs in spite of what the originators proclaimed would happen. However, even with the charter, Bob has been successful in bringing support to complete key projects and programs in District 6 and the county as a whole, e.g. support for 4-H, parks, and seniors; saving Lopez Hill, Mitchell Hill, and Turtleback; keeping the dump open.

Bob Myhr together with several other council members can generate the enthusiasm for revamping the charter. Voters will have the opportunity to discuss, recommend and vote on modifications to the charter.

Only with council members who have lived through and worked with the present problematic charter can productive modifications be made. Help make sure changes can happen. Vote Bob in for the second term. We need someone whose eyes are focused not only on Lopez, Shaw, and the other islands in our district but also on the county as a whole. We need Bob. He has the extended education, private and public business experience, and proven record of accomplishments to represent us in District 6.

Larry Hendel

Lopez Island