Thoughts on the protest

Apologies to Ray’s Pharmacy and all others who were recipients of last week’s “protest.” Not on behalf of the group BUT it’s because of some of our islanders who chose that behavior I am writing this!

Orcas has always had a reputation for an intermingling of people and respectful acceptance of its diversity. Are we to lose that? With the actions of a few begin a change that is not going to be for the better!

I am glad I do not have any idea who constituted the group. I only saw a group on the street driving by and later learned of their actions at Ray’s and elsewhere!

The price we pay for pharmaceutical needs is indeed a big concern but to target our local supplier is not the answer. We support pharmaceuticals because we need antibiotics and many other drugs for a large variety of health problems. We are lucky to have a very fine pharmacy here on Orcas. Decades ago when Ray and Elaine Jagles risked starting the business we were grateful to not have to wait for a prescription to be flown in from elsewhere. Target the real villains if you must!

Masks or unmasked — who’s to say? Vaccinate or not, hindsight will tell which side was more correct. I, like hundreds of other islanders, did get vaccinated hoping this was the answer My hope is our children will not be subject to this before and only if it is PROVEN to be necessary for them by more than one entity!

The inappropriate action shown by the protest group to include children encourages disrespect for others and private property. What are they to learn? God forbid that the mentality to burn and loot will become their accepted right also.

Velma Doty

Orcas Island