The Mission of the Port of Orcas and Why We Support Mia Kartiganer | Letter

The Washington state Legislature established the Port District Act in 1911 creating public port districts.The Port of Seattle became the first autonomous municipal corporation in the nation and since then over 75 public port districts have been created by Washington state voters. The mission of a port district is to sustain and enhance economic and environmental health of the port district. The Port of Coupeville has embraced this broad interpretation of its mission. Greenbank Farm was created by the Port of Coupville, Island County and the Nature Conservancy in 1997. Greenbank Farm includes wetlands; trails; shops; a cafe; and artist galleries.

Mia Kartiganer is the only candidate for port commissioner who has campaigned on a broader economic role for our port district. Thus far the port has seen its mission as expanding and improving the airport without considering the potential of a broader role. Mia has suggested exploring options to sustain and enhance the economy and environmental health of Orcas Island through sustainable development under the auspices of the port.

Mia has the innovative vision of a true leader to use the port as a positive catalyst to sustain and enhance our community. Please elect Mia as port commissioner.

Heather Oaksen, Joellen Moldoff, Kate Yturri, Lynn Caton, Katie Wilkin, Artha Kass

Orcas Island