‘The Great Regret’ | Letter

Grizzly bear scare!

Kill ‘em.

Buffalo roam where “settlers” want to build a home.

Kill ‘em.

Get rid of the Natives too ‘cause

They bother you.

You paid ‘em $24 bucks –

what the heck.

Eagles, whales, seals, slugs and snails.

Kill ‘em.

Too many trees in your way?

Cut ‘em.

Too much dirt underfoot?

Pave it.

Water, water everywhere

None fit to drink.

Air you can see and smell its stink.

By land, sea or jet it’s a sure bet the “settlers”

Will ruin everything in sight.

If only us Natives, before they came ashore,

toughened our immigration laws.

Lone Wolf

Homeless on Orcas Island