The Future of Orcas Family Health Center | Letter

As many of you are aware, on April 5 Island Primary Care-Orcas, the merger of UW Orcas staff and Orcas Family Health Center, will begin seeing patients. Although the majority of the OFHC staff including PAs Jennifer Utter and Karen Caley Orr will be moving to Island Primary Care-Orcas, this will not mean Orcas Family Health will immediately cease to operate. During the several weeks it will take to wind down after 18 years, OFHC will continue to do business in order to help with the transition. David Shinstrom, M.D. and Paqo have not retired, yet. Patients may call the 360-376-7778 number if they are in need of medication refills, or possibly being seen in person during the transition. This will be a much scaled back operation, no nursing services, no labs or X-rays will be provided. Urgent needs should be referred to Island Primary Care-Orcas, 360-299-3101.

Sometime, most likely in the month of June, there will be a retirement celebration to honor the three decades of dedication Dr. Shinstrom has spent providing a warm, accessible environment for healthcare to the Orcas community with the motto of ‘care for all.’ In addition, he has provided a learning environment for staff and numerous students and medical residents. Hopefully some of the restrictions on gathering will be eased, but we strive to have as many participate as possible, remotely or in person. Look to the Orcas Family Health Center website at orcasfamilyhealthcenter.org for more information. Plans will also be publicized in online news publications.

David Shinstrom, MD

Orcas Family Health Center