The food of the fair | Letter

The 2018 San Juan County Fair is fast approaching! People associate different things with the fair. For me, it is the food. Once again, the food court will be a busy, bustling place.

Here is insider tip No. 1: Although the fair opens on Wednesday, if a food vendor gets set up on Tuesday they will start selling early, once the health inspection clears them. So, on entry day when you enter your prize vegetable or photograph, head directly to the food court for an early dining start.

I admit I have a ritual. I always kick off the fair with a plate of curly fries. My friend John starts with a corn dog. My friend JB says it’s the brisket. This year you will have a chance to eat fried catfish and collard greens, Pad Thai or a buttery cob of corn. If you’re a traditionalist, eat the American Legion burger or a 4-H rambler breakfast. Try a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, bison burger or Lebanese street food. New this year is Hawaiian style BBQ, Himalayan dumplings, salami sandwiches and empanadas. Vegetarians don’t despair! We have stuffed baked potatoes, sweet potato soft tacos and veggie burgers. Save room for a sno-cone, ice cream, crepes, kettle corn, Hungarian elephant ear or the infamous PTA pie booth.

Insider tip No. 2: The fair board has contests every day with prizes of sno-cones or ice cream.

Wait, there is more! All day Wednesday, Paideia Classical School will be selling Italian Porchetta sandwiches. All day Friday the Lions Club will be serving kielbasa and slaw. On Saturday night the Purple and Gold Club continues their tradition of a steak and baked potato. Each of these non-profits regularly raises $2,000-$5,000 from this event for scholarships.

Did you notice Thursday evening was not mentioned? For the past two years, we have not had a barbeque meal on Thursdays. Anybody interested? Contact the fair office at 360-378-4310. I’m thinking seafood, pizza, gyros or salad. Okay, probably not the last one, but just use your imagination.

Brad Fincher

San Juan County Fair Board Member