Thanks to postal worker | Letter

I would like to publicly thank one of our postal workers for his kind assistance. This is what can happen in communities like ours. While glancing at two envelopes as I dropped them into the mailbox by the Templin’s Center I noticed one to my daughter without a stamp. Later that day after appointments I went to the post office and described the situation and offering to provide a stamp for it. However, my letter was now among many others and very difficult to locate. So I waited for it to be returned.

The next time I got my mail from my box there was a note from Bryan that he found my letter and put a stamp on it for me. I thanked him the next day and offered him a stamp which he declined. Perhaps: “Only on Orcas,” yet I hope not. Thank you again, Bryan, for your thoughtful extra service.

Che Blaine

Orcas Island