Thanks to Kevin Ranker

Kevin Ranker has been a fierce advocate for our community, our county and our state. He has brought boundless energy and passion to advance key climate change legislation, coastal and ocean policy, women’s health, full funding for education, the rights of the LGBTQ community, protections for our immigrant populations and to ensure everyone has a safe, warm place to sleep.

He was an early supporter of the rights of domestic partners, requiring schools to have transgender student policies, and requiring that state insurers cover contraception and abortion. His budget bills carried antidiscrimination laws and equal-pay requirements.

In 2018, the Kitsap Sun reported that the Orca Protection Act, once declared dead, sprang back to life when Sen. Ranker used a procedural maneuver to add new life to a budget provision creating extra Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife monies for marine patrols and orca-related activities.

His has been the leading voice on legislation phasing out the net pens that farm disease-carrying Atlantic salmon in Puget Sound, and legislation providing funds for state oil spill prevention and response.

Kevin was instrumental in helping to achieve the current significant Democratic majority in our state legislature. He worked hard to raise campaign funds that were shared with promising candidates. His advocacy has given us an environmentally strong majority that promises to make 2019 a year when robust legislation is enacted to help orca and salmon, prevent oil spills, reduce plastic pollution and create a clean energy future.

His legacy is found throughout our islands: in the Orcas Library, our islands’ schools, the SJI Museum of Art and Brickworks, the Orcas ferry terminal park and ride … to name just a few.

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