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Thanks to blood donors

On Thursday, Dec. 20, the Orcas community blood drive registered a total of 70 donors! Thank you for coming out to lend an arm, despite the wind!

We welcomed 10 first-time-donors to the Bloodworks Northwest family and congratulated the following donors for reaching milestone gallon markers:

• Two donors for reaching 1 gallon

• Two donors for reaching 3 gallons

• One donor for reaching 4 gallons

• One donor for reaching 10 gallons

We were able to collect 56 units of whole blood, 3 units of platelets, and 1 unit of platelets + red cells. Since each unit of whole blood is separated into the different components (red cells, platelets and plasma) your efforts will benefit as many as 173 patients in hospitals we serve. The blood donations collected at the blood drive are critical to maintain a stable blood supply for surgeries, medical emergencies, and for supporting patients battling life-threatening illnesses like leukemia and other cancers.

Thank you to all of the donors for taking time out of their day to donate, especially during the busy holiday season!

With great appreciation to the Orcas Island Lions Club for blood drive sponsorship, Jim Biddick and Martin Arnold for organizing the drive, fellow Orcas Island Lions Club members for their assistance and volunteering; the Kiwanis and Velma Doty for their support and volunteering; the Orcas Island Fire Department for hosting and

providing the blood drive site; and Chief Scott Williams, Jim Schuh, Bryce Hamilton and George Schermerhorn for their continued support; and all of the volunteers who helped on the day of the drive. You all play such an integral role in our mission to save lives – we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help.

On behalf of patients in our community’s hospitals, I wish to extend our thanks to you. These are a few patients who recently received blood products from Bloodworks Northwest:

• Patient with coronary artery bypass graft used 12 units of red blood cells, four units of plasma and three units of platelets.

• Patient with gastrointestinal bleed and liver disease used 16 units of red blood cells, 16 units of plasma and three 3 units of platelets.

• Patient with hematemesis used 18 units of red blood cells, 12 units of plasma and two units of platelets.

Each day, 800 people must donate blood to meet the needs of patients in hospitals. Your blood drive played an important role in helping meet that goal.

We will be back on Orcas Island in March! Thanks for all that you do to support our mission.

Sasha Seiden

Bloodworks Northwest