Thanks, ‘Paris & Friends’| Letters

The Orcas Community Resource Center has a big job providing a safety net to the members of our community who need help, whether it’s a car repair to get to work, a ferry ticket for medical treatment, or a deposit on a rental home.

Paris Wilson gave us a significant boost with her recent benefit concert “Paris & Friends.” This sold-out concert was a huge success thanks to Paris and performers Martin Lund, Jim Bredouw, Lisa Humphrey, Emy and Lisa Carter, Anita Orne, Gordon Koenig, Sophie Parker, Anthony Kaskurs and Eliza Kelliher. They were supported, in turn, by a large number of volunteers — ticket sellers, ushers, cookie bakers, stagehands, lighting and sound folks — and an audience that filled EVERY seat! Orcas Center donated the facility, and concert sponsors made it possible for all proceeds to be donated to the Resource Center. Our generous sponsors included Helen Bee, John Bric and Alison Weir, Steve Jung, and Tom and Carolyn Fiscus.

We thank Paris for her vision and hard work, and all of you who were there for your support. We invite you to join one of our Resource Center tours this fall and learn about the many ways we help islanders. To sign up for a tour or join our mailing list for updates, visit

The Orcas Community Resource Center Board and Staff