Thanks from Port of Orcas!

The Port Of Orcas would like to say THANK YOU for all the food donations we received at our Fly Washington Passport Program. This was the first annual food drive benefiting Orcas Island Food Bank. With a few last-minute arrivals, we collected 445 LBS of food! What an amazing turnout.

With very little discussion, the commission voted to forego the annual 1% tax levy increase. Having received a CARES ACT Grant that is required to be used exclusively at the airport, we were moved to find a secondary way to have it benefit the community. We understand this has been a very tough time for everyone, with no clear end in sight. We will continue to research ways that we may be of service to our community beyond the airport. Best wishes for your holidays.

Jeannie Frank-Sharpe

Airport Manager

Mia Kartiganer

Commission Chair