Thanks for vegan event | Letters

It takes uncommon leadership to describe the many efforts that Orcas citizens take to make our community a better place to live. Lydia Miller and family brought to the Seaview a film that is a wake-up call for those who wish to consider a more healthy way of living.

To prove her point, Donna Laslo and many volunteers manned dozens of booths that had wonderful tidbits made with non-dairy and non-animal meat products. I was completely amazed at how tasty and nutritious these vegetable-like products duplicated the cheeses, hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, desserts, ice cream, milk and yogurt that I now consume. I will probably never be a confirmed vegan, but henceforth I will order from Island Market, who supplied these products, many of the foods on display and feel much better about the nutrition that I am giving my body. Thank you, Lydia and Donna and all those volunteers.

Walt Corbin