Thank you to the Orcas School board | Letters

The Music Advocacy Group would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your decisive action in voting for the construction of the multi-purpose/music room at the school board meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 18, and especially for voicing your recognition of the value of music education in our public schools. We, too, share this deep conviction of the value of music learning for child development, as well as its many benefits for social and academic skills.

We are relieved and thrilled that the construction of the Multi-purpose/Music Room will remain part of the 2017 bond construction. Our student body may be small compared to many other districts regionally, but OISD’s music students have done us proud at many music competitions and festivals, and they have stood out for excellence. MAG is looking forward to working with you to provide the optimal space for music learning and practice so that Orcas music students may continue to be inspired and encouraged to excel, knowing that they have strong community and school support.

Once again, thank you.

Music Advocacy Group

Miriam Ziegler, President

Jim Shaffer-Bauck

Jan Ehrlichman

Doug McTavish

Sharon Ho

Brian Moss

Margie Bangs

Sarah Ogmundson