Thank you to the Orcas Food Bank| Letter

An open letter to the Orcas Food Bank, Board of Directors, work staff and volunteers as well as community money donors.

Never in my 76 years did I ever think I would go to a food bank. When I was young, there were no welfare or food stamps; just excess farm products that were packaged or canned and given out as “commodities” to the very most desperate, starving families.

Through poor financial choices and planning, I have found myself living on Social Security and barely sustaining [myself] financially in the last decade, during which period, as well as now, I have used the Orcas Food Bank at different times.

How grateful I feel to be living on Orcas Island where the community is so generous in their donations of money, a nice building provided from donations, food, farm and garden produce; and items from our dentists and grocers. What a spirit of giving and sharing.

But what I am most grateful for is the kind of attitude that has always been shown by all the workers at the Orcas Food Bank. Never, not once, have I ever felt demeaned, belittled, treated like an irritation or a burden, nor felt unqualified for help, nor ever made to feel ashamed.

This endeavor is a giant amount of physical work and a very large time commitment of each member of Orcas Food Bank. I thank you each deeply now, and for all the years past in organizing with such devotion to this cause on our behalf.

Carolyn Carroll