Thank you to Jeannie Doty | Letter

Over the past 14 years or so if you or a family member have donated your time, funds, or food (oh, those wonderful homegrown summer veggies) to the food bank, you would have been welcomed and thanked by manager and board member Jeannie Doty. Jeannie is retiring at the end of April so some notes.

If you have done such volunteer work as handing out turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners (thank you Odd Fellows and Kiwanis guys), or simply to be there getting ready for an open food bank day, you may have been witness to Jeannie greeting elementary school kids arriving with their wagons full of donated food every child thanked for their part in this parade of generosity.

The food bank over the years with the encouragement of Jeannie, has benefited from high school seniors and juniors volunteering on Thursday evenings as part of earning their graduation community service requirements.

Jeannie has engendered many great outcomes for our community food bank including a cadre of wonderful faithful volunteers. Some of whom have been volunteering for years, and wouldn’t even think of leaving. After all, the food bank is the place to be. Joy and fellowship abound! Another great consequence of Jeannie’s leadership was to research and obtain a generator that will keep the foodstuffs safe in case of an emergency power outage.

Jeannie has always fulfilled the Mission of the Foodbank, which is to gather and share food and related items with our neighbors in need. She has done so with grace and kindness. And then there is that smile. In closing, if you see her around town, please wish her a happy retirement. And I would add a “well-deserved friend.”

Joanne Cundy