Thank you, Maggie| Letter

Along the driveway of a home close to the Rosario Road entrance to Moran Park hang a row of handmade anti-COVID masks and a small sign on cardboard that reads “Thanks! Donations benefit the Orcas Senior Center.”

Maggie Kaplan, a member on the Orcas District Committee, who has been sewing colorful masks for months, and others have contributed both hand-painted and other original creations to the line-up. Neighbors and “strangers from abroad” have given over $4,000 to the donation box — even a $100 bill —for the needs of our Orcas Senior Center. For the Sounder’s coverage of this story, visit

Your contributions will help Orcas Senior Center pay for some of their increased costs due to the pandemic, like increased transportation costs for home-delivered meals, products purchased to keep our clients and staff safe, and regular COVID testing for our foot care nurses.

AND — if you don’t need another mask, donations can always go to the Orcas Island Senior Center.

Andrea Hendrick