Thank you from OPAL | Letter

Thank you to each and every person who donated in order to get April’s Grove under construction. The recent fundraising activities with the Community Foundation and donations from so many individuals are testament to the strength and caring of our community. This project belongs to all of us. We will all benefit by having more year-round rental housing that is affordable right in Eastsound.

If you drive by the April’s Grove location on North Beach Road, you will see that construction is underway. This is exciting! And yet we also know that it can be challenging.

We want to give you advance notice about activity in August. The western edge of the field where April, our former bovine mayor, resided will be excavated to provide underground stormwater detention. It may be alarming to see a big hole being dug and changes made to this much loved area.

The good news is that when construction is all done, this area will return to meadow, and it will remain open space. If you have questions, feel free to call me at 360-376-3191.

Lisa Byers

OPAL Exceutive Diretor