Thank you for the Jazz Festival | Letter

On behalf of the Orcas Island Jazz Festival, I would like to thank the music lovers of Orcas in making this year’s event the best ever. As everyone knows, it takes a whole Orcas village to raise a jazz festival. Just knowing that people on this island want to go out and hear great music, whether it is classical, blues, rock, folk or jazz, on this island tells me a lot about who lives here. Even our beloved Dimitri, director of Orcas Center, was up front and center, struttin’ along with the sound of New Orleans street beat on his sousaphone (tuba), showing us how it all started down south.

Other locals, Anthony the Dancer and his protege Aristotle Luna dazzled us while moving to that unmistakable beat, come alive through dance. Those fortunate enough to hear trumpet virtuoso Oliver Groenewald blow his horn to “Stella by Starlight” know what great moments in music are about.

Beyond the stage are the wonderful people that provided shelter for the artists, John and Joan Fletcher, Chantelle and Foster Hildreth, Jane and Dale Heisinger and Mary and Jeff Quinn. Thank you to concert sponsors Fannie O’Leary, Sallie Bell, Jeff and Mary Quinn and Bruce and Marty Coffey along with our incredible donors; our volunteer coordinator, Jane Heisinger along with our florist extraordinaire, Jean Dickerson; the festival’s board, Jim Connell, Jeff Quinn, Jan Ehrlichman, Kristen Wilson and Sallie Bell for their long hours of hard work and planning; Barry Carlton, our photographer; Phil Burbo and Kevin Colomby; and all of our volunteers who joined together to make music happen. Couldn’t do it without you!

Martin Lund

Jazz Festival Artistic Director and Founder