Thank you for the jazz festival | Letter

What is the recipe for having a successful jazz festival on Orcas? Make sure that you have people that are willing to pitch in, with plenty of savvy in how to get the job done.

I would start with the Orcas Center staff, Dimitri, Jake, Bethany, Nicole, Marcia and Russ. Add some incredible volunteers, Gregory Books, Tiffany Loney, Jaz Lund, Steve Alboucq, Sallie Bell, and many others. Sprinkle in donors/housing/ferry guru Jeff and Mary Quinn, Barbara Bentley, along with other thoughtful givers. Get a pro-production assistant, Melody Funk who has been doing music her whole life. What else? Add musicians with great talent and the ability to make stuff up on the spot supported by a very capable engineer, Kevin Colomby, and the concoction adds up to a very tasty blend of good eatin’.

Thanks to all for a wonderful year!

Martin Lund

Orcas Island